Its not hard to see why the Viper AS530 is so popular

It really is not hard to see why the Viper AS530R micro ride on scrubber dryer is so popular. Its by far our most asked about scrubber dryer at the moment and has been for some time. We have recently supplied these models to various types of customers all with slightly different requirements from the machine, such as the US Air Force who have recently taken a couple of the AS530, and AS710 ride ons to keep hangers up to spec on one of there UK bases, and they were so impressed with the machines and our level of service that they have asked for more of the same models for other hangers around the base.

Lots of customers are surprised by the results the correct equipment, chemicals and techniques can achieve, as well as the amount of time saved, which usually means money saved to! 

Last week whilst demoing the AS530R at a customers garage, the staff were amazed by the results and couldn't believe what we managed after just one pass using the Viper. See below for yourselves.

Viper AS530R Candor Demo17

Before seeing the machine and correct use of chemicals also demonstrated by our staff, the customer was using various types of methods to try and keep the garage and workshops clean, and spending hours ever day doing so. This machine will drastically cut down on the time and effort required to keep on top of this garage, saving money in the process and getting far better results than before. 

We always aim to get you the best results and save you as much time as possible, which reduces your labour costs, as well as freeing up staff to do other things and generally giving your chosen area a far superior clean finish.

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