Viper ride on scrubber dryer in action again...

One of our local customers with a small industrial unit was moving premises recently and wanted to clean his floors before leaving the unit to the new owner. The floor has been previously cleaned by contract cleaners and was relatively very clean already all be it a bit dusty. 

The customer wanted some of the black marks removing as well as the dirt, dust and some of the deep down grime that had been there for years! 

Using some of our stronger chemical from our scrubber dryer range and the fantastic Viper AS530R we achieved some brilliant results. 

Please see below for some of the images during the cleaning process to see what a difference using an industrial ride on machine makes to the usual mop and bucket method that was being used here before.


You can see below after just one pass with the AS530R and our triple scrubber dryer chemical has already removed most of the marking and all of the dirt!
Viper AS530R Candor

Below you can see the difference between both halfs of the floor, 2 passes with our AS530 has removed the majority of marking and brought back the shine to the painted floor.
Painted flooring cleaning with Viper AS530R

First half completed, off to empty the machine and re-fill...

The results of 2 passes on the relatively clean floor, see for yourself the dirt picked up from what was already a pretty clean floor!

We cant stress how much time, effort and money you and your business could save by using the right machines, chemicals and cleaning practices. The Viper AS530R is one of our favorite machines due to the fantastic price point (there is NOTHING else in this price range that represents as good a value for money) and the amazing results it achieves each and every time we use the machine. 

Are you wanting to achieve fantastic results like this, save time and money on your cleaning tasks? The call us for a demonstration and let us show you what you could achieve and how much time and effort you could also save!

01773 741 521. 


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