Viper fleet out to impress yet again

The Viper products have been out again proving why they are not only exceptional cleaning machines, but outstanding value for money as well. 

Here are 3 of our larger machines returning from a short term hire with one of our customers. The AS710R - The largest ride on in the current Viper range, an AS530R, the micro ride on from the range, and the FANG 28T a walk behind with traction motor and huge tank capacity.

The machines had a tough job cleaning up a factory floor that had never been maintained with anything other than a mop and bucket. After a few passes with the Viper machines, the floor was already looking like new, after a week of being cleaned daily, the flooring was as clean as the day it was put down. 

The cleaning staff expected the machines to bring the flooring up to an acceptable standard within 2 weeks. The Viper machines completely exceeded  expectations, bringing the flooring upto a level they thought was un-achievable after having demonstrations with other machines, and doing it in half the time expected.

I thinks its fair to say our customer was over the moon with the results and savings, just in time for an annual health and safety inspection. 

After returning the machines to us, the customer has since taken advantage of our special ride on offers and has now purchased the AS530R micro ride on to keep on top of the flooring, ensuring the factory flooring will always be kept to a high standard resulting in less chance of any accidents or injury.

Contact us today to arrange hire, demonstrations or to purchase any of the Viper range, or call in to our demonstration centre to have a go with the machines yourself.


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