New Website

Our new Website is almost completed and ready to go live! Very exciting new features to go with our new look website, including tons of products videos and demos, interactive part finders, digital downloads and so much more.

We would love to offer the best possible online shopping experience for our customers. We have made every attempt to include every feature we have been asked for in the past, as well as coming up with fantastic solutions for our customers that they face on a daily basis.

One of these issues was the fact that customers sometime find it hard to explain the part or machine they require. As part of our efforts to make this easier, you will start to see our "Interactive PDF Part finders" poping up in certain areas of the website.

These clever things will be detailed drawings of your machine, usually in separate sections again to make the whole process easier. You will be able to click the image of the spare part on the detailed drawing (even including the individual screws, bolts etc), and this will then take you to our webpage for the item, giving a more detailed image in most cases and product description. You can the easily add the correct items required to your basket, knowing you have the right item, no matter what strange name the manufacturer has given it!

To start with we will only be offering this for our most popular machines, but before the end of the year we aim to have these online for most makes and models of machine.

We also have tons of other new exciting features that are all being implemented to the new website. Most will be available form launch, others will be added later in the year once we have refined them.


If you can suggest any features or things you may like to see please let us know. Equally, if you see something you dont like the look of, or isnt working right, please let us know. We appreciate all feedback, positive or not :)


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