MotorScrubber - Why we think if you already have a scrubber dryer, this machine is a must have!

We are happy to have the MotorScrubber range now available here at Candor Services. If you have not yet tried one of these portable, lightweight, powerful machines for yourself and wonder why you might need one, or what benefits it could have for you or one of your team then let us explain why we think its a must have for almost all imaginable applications. 

Below is taken from the MotorScrubber catalogue and just gives an insight into who MotorScrubber are, and what they do.


Built on quality, reliability and performance MotorScrubber are cleaning and hygiene experts renowned for manufacturing robust, heavy duty cleaning machines at their dedicated production facility in Sheffield, England. Constructed with versatility, longevity and the highest quality components in mind, MotorScrubber produce professional cleaning tools to be practically used all day every day. MotorScrubber are committed to innovation and product development and continually strive to bring you the very best in cleaning equipment.

MotorScrubber uses

The MotorScrubber range of machines can be used for a multitude of cleaning and polishing tasks. Use MotorScrubber for tight areas, around toilets and secure fixtures, in swimming pools and water features, on stairs and walls and other out of reach places, vehicle cleaning, cladding and signage, tough marks, polishing and the list goes on.

Motorscrubber Force and MS2000 ranges
Motorscrubber Handy and Jet ranges

We really do believe that if you have a scrubber dryer to clean most areas, you will already know that they do a fantastic job, but because of the size and maneuverability restrictions with large walk behind or ride on machines there is always a few areas that you cant quite get into. Corners, washrooms, edging, stairs, cubicals, changing rooms and around toilets and urinals are just some of the more common issues we have come across when speaking with our customers. This machine is designed for ease of use for the operator and is designed in such a way that it reduces any risk of injury and is always easy and surprisingly fun to operate.

Not only does the Motorscrubber range assist in places the traditional scrubber dryer cant get to, its also the must have cleaning tool for cleaning many other types of applications you would never dream of using your scrubber dryer to clean. 

Contact us to arrange a demonstration for yourself or to talk to us about the potential benefits this system could have for you. 

Remember, order the MS2000 range or Jet range this month, and receive £50 towards to ANY accessory or add on for your machine from the range or Motorscrubber accessories!


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