Council Innovation & Demonstration Open Day

After recently being awarded the contract to supply Derbyshire council with cleaning equipment, we decided it would be great for the them to come over and see some of what we have to offer, and introduce them to a whole new range of innovative cleaning machines and equipment. 

We had a large range of equipment from a varied selection of manufacturers we work closely with, so that staff and cleaning supervisors could get a good look and feel for the machines, as well as seeing the results they could achieve.

We started with a relaxed and informal introduction, and an initial chat about what everyone wanted to see and have a go with, as well us, finding out what cleaning methods are already being used by the council currently. 


After our initial chat and a quick walk around some of our demonstrator machines, it was obvious to us that we would be able to help massively with reduced labour and maintenance costs as well as improve on results and productivity.

Many of the 19 members of staff from the council had never even seen some of the machinery or cleaning methods we discussed and demonstrated through-out the day, and were blown away by the results, ease of use and what is actually available from us as an independent supplier. 


After we stopped for some lunch, the council staff had a few more demonstrations and then had a go with the machines for themselves, enabling the cleaning staff and management to see what could actually be achieved with the right advice and machinery. 

With lots of on-site demonstrations now booked in for various council locations around the district over the coming weeks, we are looking forward to getting some of the greatest equipment in place to help all of the cleaning staff at Derbyshire council. 

Interested in coming over and having a demonstration for yourself? Want to bring over some staff or colleagues? Not a problem, give us a call on 01773 741521. We also offer on site demonstrations and have a huge range of machines available to view in our showroom - Unit I Coney Green Network Centre, S45 9HX.



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